Come and Join us as we Study Together!

We will join together every Tuesday Night from September 2nd until November 10th and study God’s Word together. Each night we will watch DVD lessons taught by Beth Moore, and then walk through our work book having an open forum as we talk thru and learn these principles together. What an awesome opportunity to come together with other women for fellowship and edification.

A Womans Heart

In this Beth Moore study women get to discover the parallels of the Tabernacle’s building and their life as a chosen vessel of God.  Taken primarily from the Book of Exodus, A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore will take you on a fascinating journey into why God would chose to live in a wilderness tabernacle, made by human hands. Perhaps no Old Testament event so dramatically illustrates God’s persistent desire to relate to His children as the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness. Through the tabernacle God initiated a deeper relationship with His Chosen People by bringing reconciliation and revealing His glory. And certainly, no Old Testament event so richly prefigures the coming of the true Tabernacle, Jesus Christ.  In this 10-week Bible study, you will explore the fascinating account of the building of the Old Testament tabernacle, the significance of its intricate design, its pivotal role in God’s eternal plan, the grand fulfillment of its purpose by Jesus Christ and its variety of meanings for your walk with God today. A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place will challenge you to prepare your heart, like the holy of holies, to become a home for His love and glory—a dwelling place for the Most High God.

Everyone is Welcome! Bring someone and join us on Tuesday Nights!

** Material Disclaimer **

That Valley View Baptist Church is a church which uses and recommends the King James Version is well known. Academic diligence and intelligent defense of the faith, however, often necessitate the use of books all of
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