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What is the Faithful Family Initiative?

The Faithful Families Initiative is a movement that was born from a burden that God placed upon our Pastor’s heart. In the technological age in which we live, life is tough, and being a parent is sometimes challenging. Every Christian parent has the responsibility to raise and rear children who have a Christian mind-set and a Biblical worldview. This initiative is an act in which Valley View Baptist Church wants to assist parents and families in achieving that goal.

By Biblically strengthening the family it is our church’s conviction that we can raise kids who recognize their identity in Christ and retain their faith in a cruel and perverse world. By doing so we can produce adults who have the capacity to be grounded in their faith, stand strong on their convictions, and then raise their families by generationally passing down their faith.

We strongly believe this initiative can, and will, be accomplished by centering everything we do as a church around the families who make up Valley View Baptist Church. We seek to accomplish this task by strong preaching and teaching on the home, including fellowship activities in which the whole family can be involved.

What is the ultimate goal of the Faithful Family Initiative?

The goal is relatively simple: to produce strong committed Christian families, who produce strong and committed Christian Children. We are asking God to use our church as a training center for families to become more faithful and committed than ever before. We pray that the result is children who find their identity in Christ, eventually leave their homes, and start their own families with the idea of changing the world. We believe there is a five step strategy in which we accomplish this:

  • To create a church atmosphere where children and teenagers can both discover and maintain their identity in Jesus Christ, despite the ever-changing and sinful culture that is around them.
  • To assist parents in discovering their worth and important as God’s steward of their children, by giving both scriptural and practical principles from the Word of God.
  • To learn the joy of influencing your children eternally for the cause of Christ, rather than focusing only on things that the world places the emphasis on, which are only temporal.
  • To fellowship, gain insight, and gain strength for the daily duties of parents from other families who have the same or common goals for their own family.
  • To influence our children and teens by influencing parents, so that each member of the family finds and focuses on God’s Will for their own lives.

How can I, as an individual, become involved in the initiative and make a difference?

We believe that there are three very simple, practical, and Biblical ways to do this:

  • Make a PERSONAL commitment to God. It is our conviction that every member of the family has a role to play. Fathers must fear God and lead. Mothers must be fruitful and pray. Children need to be faithful and obey. Families are made up of individuals, and as those individual make a commitment to God to fulfill their role, the family unit as a whole is strengthened in many areas of the home life.
  • Be faithful in PRAYING as a family. Join together at home around the dinner table, around the bed, and around the family altar. Work to know one another’s needs as well as the needs of others and pray together for them. Watch God work and answer prayers as a family, and worship together as you see your prayers answered. Valley View Baptist will assist in this by having weekly Family Altar Time. This will be directed by our Pastor and will happen periodically at one of our weekly services. We still believe in the old expression, “A family that PRAYS together, STAYS together!”
  • Be adamant in PARTICIPATING as a family. From personal family devotions, to church sponsored events, make it a point to get the whole family involved. By getting your children to ask questions, pray out loud, and be actively involved in church activities, you are strengthening their faith and you are preparing them for the future.

It is the prayer of the Valley View Baptist to assist every family in their spiritual growth. We hope to reach the next generation by helping parents and kids become a stronger family unit. By creating stronger families within our church, we are convinced that our church will become stronger in the process. Please help us pray for our Pastor, our church leaders, and our church as we seek to create a place from which Faithful Families are established and God’s Kingdom is advanced.

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You can also download our Children’s Monthly Prayer Commitment calendar below. Pastor Justin created this calendar of 31 prayers, divided into Spiritual, Mental & Emotional, and Physical sections, to be a guide for daily prayers for your children. Use it to pray for your own children, their friends, their future spouses, your grandchildren, and all children in your church.