Spiritual Gifts & The Will of God, Part 4 ()

Bro. Justin Goodbread, July 9, 2014
Part of the Discovering & Applying Your Spiritual Gifts series, preached at a Wednesday Evening service

Did you know that the moment you are saved that the Holy Ghost imparts on you a gift? And we're not talking about the gift of Eternal Life here. Instead, we are talking about a Spiritual Gift. This is a gift that God grants to all of us with the purpose of advancing His Kingdom and helping our church. Some may excel in several areas, but everyone has at least one spiritual gift. And it is the purpose of this course to aid you in discovering yours. But, we aren't going to stop there. We are also going to show you how you can apply your gifts in your church, home, school, and workplace.

Bro. Justin Goodbread has been teaching this same series of lessons to one of our adult Sunday School classes over the last several weeks and the results have been amazing! We have had many individuals and couples asking Pastor Pratt how they can apply their gifts within our church now that they know what they are.

Pastor Pratt's vision is that all of us discover, and learn to apply, our own gifts. So Bro. Goodbread is now re-teaching this series of lessons to the entire church body each Wednesday night for the next several weeks. It is our prayer that you partake in this class and discover your own spiritual gifts. Just imagine the impact we could have for the Kingdom of God if each of us at VVBC learned how to apply our spiritual gifts!

But why limit ourselves? We fully understand that many of the visitors to our website are not from Valley View. And that's ok. We encourage all of you to join us for these classes, discover your own spiritual gifts, and aid your church in any way you can with them.

But before we begin, here are a few instructions.
1) Download each of the PDF files shown below.
2) Complete the Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire BEFORE you begin listening to the lessons. Even if you have missed the previous lessons, we urge you to do the questionnaire before jumping into the lessons. The very first lesson will go over this questionnaire, and in the upcoming weeks we will grade them together.
3) The Student Handbook will be your "textbook" for this class. Download it and print it out so that you can follow along at home. The answers to the blanks will be given in the lessons.
4) Be honest with yourself and complete the questionnaire and handbook at your own pace. There is no time limit. There are no wrong answers. The more honest you are, the more accurate the results.
5) Last, but not least, be in prayer. Pray that God gives you honesty and clarity as you complete the questionnaire. Ask God to use these lessons to help you in applying theses gifts within your life.

Click below to download the Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire. To get the most of this course, please complete the questionnaire before beginning the lessons.:
Click Here

Click below to download the Spiritual Gifts Inventory Answer Sheet. This is a companion the the questionnaire. You will record your answers on this form.:
Click Here

Click below to download the Spiritual Gifts Student Handbook. This will be your workbook for the entirety of the course.:
Click Here

Click below to download The Use of Spiritual Gifts In My Church. Once you have completed the course, this summary sheet will show you how you can best apply your gifts within your church.:
Click Here

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