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Kids’ View is simply Valley View for the little ones. This ministry is part of our Children’s Ministry (3 years old – 5th grade) and meets in the Cross Family Life Center on Sunday Mornings during our adult service. We have structured this ministry so that the first part of the service, immediately following Sunday School, our children sit with their families in our sanctuary so they can learn to worship as a family. All children attending Kids’ View are then dismissed just prior to the preaching time. Though we do not require families to send their kids to Kids’ View, we do encourage them to allow their children to be a part of this wonderful experience. During Kids’ View your children are not in a back room coloring or just playing games. Instead, they will enjoy a power-packed time filled with music, some games, and powerful hands-on illustrative teaching that will engage kids in the process of growing in God’s Word! We make no apologies for making teaching/preaching the central priority of Kids’ View.

Kids’ View is staffed with a rotation of leaders who we know and trust. These leaders have a burden for the children of our church and work very hard each week to provide a fun, safe, and structured environment where kids can have fun and learn more about Jesus Christ.

Kids’ View is under the supervision of Bro. Tim Haynes.